Double/halve section duration

I know similar questions have been asked many times (but not recently) and the answer is probably still “no”, but is there any way to more or less halve/double an entire section of music?

I know that one can halve/double a melodic line using insert mode - no problem.

However, this does not move chord symbols or repeats or time signature signposts, leaving a large amount of manual editing and re-engraving (with a score that is largely incoherent).

I have a piece that has sections in 10/8 and 11/8, I would like to have a version that is in 10/4 and 11/4. This is one thing that was pretty easy to do in Finale and is rather challenging in Dorico.

Is there any way to link the chord symbols and repeats so that when you double note durations everything moves with the notes? Or to simultaneously change the time signature and note values?

As best I can figure out the workflow would be something like:

Insert mode, double note durations (this is buggy anyway, so I have to go through and make sure it actually did it everywhere)

Change Time signatures, delete old time signature changes and re-input them in the correct bars

Delete repeat bars and re-input them in new locations

Delete chord changes and retype them

Re-enter all tuplets

Any suggestions welcome.

Edit: cross-posted in FB group, still no solution. DORICO – The Next-Generation Scoring Software | I know this question has been asked many times, and the answer is probably still "no", but is there any way to halve/double an entire section of music

It would be nice.
One can always hope.


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Brian, when you post the same question here and in the Facebook group, it’s really helpful when you say in both posts that you’re cross-posting, and ideally go back and edit them to add links going both ways. This helps people to see easily what advice you’ve already been given in the other place, saves everybody some of their time, and reduces the number of duplicate or even contradictory replies you end up receiving. Thanks in advance!

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Thanks, Lillie. I’ll make sure to do that going forward.
As it happens there’s been no advice in either location as of yet, other than to concur that this is not currently really possible (yet).

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Exploring this some more, it seems like there’s an intersection of a few different issues, so I can see how a solution from the software side is more complex than it might seem.

1- adjusting the actual note values works fine, as does changing the time signature. This all works more or less as expected

2- The big thing seems to be the handling of chord symbols. As noted by many folks, handling of chord symbols in general is one of Dorico’s (thankfully few) big weaknesses. Somehow we should be able to select what a chord symbol is “attached” to so that changes will move (or not) the chord symbols appropriately. This is likely complicated by Dorico’s novel handling of Bars (which I should note, in other situations makes lots of things easier).

3- Repeat bars, double barlines, etc. - there seems to be no way to get bars to expand in the same way that notes do. I suspect that this is somewhat because Dorico doesn’t treat bars as standalone “containers” for notes but a superimposed way of organizing a stream of notes/beats. This is great most of the time, just in this case it makes it more complicated. It would be great if there was a way to get barlines to automatically shift with changes of material somehow.

Since this seems to be a relatively common thing to want to do, I hope that it’s on the agenda for a future release.

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