Double headed notes

Any way to achieve this sort of notation in Dorico?


That’s from a lilypond edition of mine and even it does not handle things properly - the bobbles (as I call them) are on the wrong side of the stem on top.

[Yeah, I don’t like this style either, but it’s what I have to work with.]

Nothing I tried worked.

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Is this what you want?


I entered the first five notes in the lower staff and then crossed the second and fourth notes to the upper staff. Then I entered the remaining notes in the lower staff. The last three notes in the upper staff of the first measure are quarter notes inside 8:1y tuplets which have their stems extended and which have been moved to the right using note spacing in engrave mode.


Impressive as usual!

Now if the composer insists that the stems come off the right side of the RH notes, as in the MS, I suppose that may require custom stem lines.

If notes initially have their stems up and then have their stems adjusted downward below the noteheads, the stems come off the right side of the noteheads.

and if the head’s orientation is essential, you can also make those spots diads, and then mute and hide the other notes that force the notehead that you want to actually switch styles as if it were a “chord”. You just have to be careful to export in color otherwise the alpha channels will not be respected and the ghost notes will reappear.

Or with a wrong side notehead set.
Here on the upper staff


@johnkprice totally brilliant!

Now this is interesting. I was only asking how to do the double headed notes, not specifically about the bobble direction. I never thought about it. The composer uses centred noteheads generally and I thought the lilypond putting them on the left was wrong - and they look strange to me. But I get the impression now people think that is correct. Is there a traditional rule here? This notation is not vastly rare, composers do use it, but no example comes to my mind at the moment.

I think this behavior has been squashed in 4.3…

I actually hesitated when I typed that, but I was too lazy to go back and double check the 4.3 release notes lol. I think you’re right, that it was corrected.