Double input problem


My problem is that when i play my guitar (mic plugged in to CI2+) the sound comes out of the speakers.
and it becomes a problem, cuz when i open cubase and press on the “monitor bottem” (so u can hear your self) it goes “double”.
I would like to only hear my guitar when in cubase and the monitor bottom is pushed on.
Any1 who know how?- i triede looking for it in the windows menu, but coulndt seem to find anything.

Another think, if anyone ones how to switch between headphones and speakers, when both of them are connected to the CI2+, i would like to know… hope some1 can help…


Check in the device’s mixer or control panel for direct monitoring or hardware monitoring. Try dis-abling it for Windows sounds, also.

On the CI2 there’s a knob called “Mix”. If it’s set all the way left to input, you’ll only hear whats coming into the interface input. If it’s set all the way right to “DAW” you’ll only hear what’s coming out of Cubase.

You could also check out what the “Master” and “Phone” knobs do as well to answer your second question