Double metronome marking

Can anyone help with a double metronome marking? I have a score in 7/8 where a crotchet beat is required as well as the quaver tempo!Metronome marking.pdf|attachment (10.5 KB)

Hi 111445.
You cannot enter those things natively with the tempo popover. But you can use system text (shift-alt-x) and use metrico or Musglyph fonts to get a perfect result.

Neither of those fonts are available on my list - Are they extra purchases?

I’ve found a fix. Screen shot from pdf score and insert as a picture.

No don’t do that. It’s clunky and awful. Google MusGlyphs. It’s free. All the cool engravers are doing it. :sunglasses:


MusGlyphs and Metrico are strongly recommended!
A workaround: Enter the two metronome markings at different positions in the first bar and adjust their spacing in Engrave Mode.

Quite a palaver installing a new font and making sure it is in the right place but as you say - much better solution. Many thanks.

I am grateful that I’ve learned a new word today. :smile:

Pleased to be of service in the vocab. department.:relaxed:

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