Double Midi Notes?


When I record midi from my keyboard it will put 2 notes for every one I hit. It doesn’t effect playback because they are right on top of each other but it is very annoying editing. Is there a setting somewhere I can turn off to stop this problem?

Using Cubase 5.1.1


I had this problem also. The answer was that my controller was sending MIDI on two ports (i.e. USB MIDI In A and USB MIDI In B). When I selected “All MIDI Inputs” for the input source for the track, it was receiving two sets of notes. You could tell your track to only accept the input from a specific port rather than “all MIDI inputs” or tell your controller to only send the MIDI data on one port. For my controller I had the choice of “USB MIDI In A” or “USB MIDI In B”.
You could also go to Devices -> Device Setup, select the MIDI Port Setup. Here you can tell Cubase which MIDI Port inputs to include in “All MIDI Inputs”.

You are the man! That was it.


I had this problem, which I fixed as above, but now I have a large amount of midi recorded with duplicate notes.
Is there anyway to easily delete the duplicates? I couldn’t find anything other than doing so manually one note at a time …

Delete Doubles…

I’ve been experiencing a similar thing the last few days. I got myself a 64-bit OS (W7) and went on from there using the Midex8 in combination with Cubase, midi-gear and…the Novation UltraNova, connected with USB instead of midi. I noticed that the input notes from my master keyboard (connceted: keys OUT - Midex8 1 IN, no loop here) were not only doubled…but quadrippled! I now get 4 notes recorded for everey keystroke! :astonished: Using the ‘delete doubles’ function doesn’t do the job…

I’ll be trying to redifine the ins and outs later today and let you know if that works. I’ll take all the advice from previous posts with me as I go.

Cheers for now,

OK, now for some results…

I tried all of the above without success. By rerouting the ins and outs and turning off duplicates, I got to double notes instead of quadriple. As I used up all the available patience I finally set my master keyboard to local control ‘off’…and that did the trick.

To me this doesn’t really make sense, there’s no logic in there…but is worked like a charm.

I found the solution by accident looking on an Apple forum:

To solve this problem, press the Internal button, then press the display button labeled ‘Zones’. On the Zones page, if you see a red bar over any of the labels for the display buttons (Zone1, Zone2, Zone3, Zone4), press those buttons to deactivate the active Zones.

It FINALLY solved all double not issues.

Thank you for the note borque…that fixed it for me with my nektar p4