Double notes in Piano Roll and Score Editor

I have searched the Forum to an answer for this, but I don’t see anything. I am, therefore, starting this post and hope that I’m not duplicating another post.

Speaking of duplication. I have an odd situation and was wondering if any of you might have the same issue.

I will explain by way of an example.

Let’s say that I play one simple measure of four quarter notes: C, D, E, and F. If I go into piano roll and, let’s say, try to move the F to a G, what I am finding now is that there are two entries, i.e., if I grab what I believe to be F and try to move it to G, I now have the G … and an F. It seems that there are two entries. I have to delete the F that remained. This really slows down my work.

The same problem is with score editor, but frankly, I am more concerned with piano roll. Nevertheless, if I open score editor, I will see 2 C’s, 2 D’s, 2 E’s, and 2 F’s.

Is anyone else experiencing, what I will call, duplication of entry? Have you found a fix for the problem? Note that I recently installed Cubase 6, but I had the same problem in Cubase 5, though it only seemed to appear when I moved from a Windows XP DAW to a Windows 7 DAW (which, by the way, is when Groove Agent stopped working … another issue for another time). I did not experience this on the XP DAW.

Thank you for reading my post, and I hope to hear from someone.

Make sure that if you’re using All MIDI inputs, your device is the only one checked in Device Setup. I always just make sure to use the specific MIDI input.

Could be that your midi keyboard is sending 2 notes for every one that you play ??
This often happens if the keyboard has a “Layer” mode that’s been left on by mistake.
A clue could be that if the note you move has a different midi channel to the note behind it, then it’s probably layer mode (or some other keyboard function…)

Do you have a “Local Off” setting on your keyboard?


I’ve got the same, but it seems only doubled in the views (editor), can’t here sounding to notes at same time.

Sorry 'bout my english…


Thank you very much for your input.

Zebbie…I do have a “Local Off” and it is unchecked (on my Korg Triton ProX). Thanks for the reminder.

Mashedmitten…I went back to my Device Setup and made sure I just have the one MIDI input, which is my USB interface between the keyboard and the computer. It is a M-Audio midisport 2x2 and I am just using the OUT-B and IN-B and not using the OUT-A nor the IN-A.

TonyB…I’m just a bit confused on what you have stated. I understand the concept, but I’m not sure how I would go about checking a “different midi channel to the note behind it” within the piano roll. If you could provide some instruction on that, I’d appreciate it.

Again, thanks everyone.

Are you using the Emulated Ports for the MIDISport?

Hi again.
You said that when you select a note, and move it out of the way, there is another identical (looking) note behind it.
… and you are left with 2 notes.
Make sure the info line is shown in the midi key (piano roll) editor.
(it’s in the manual if you don’t know how p 377).
Whenever you select a single note, all the info about the selected note is shown in the info line.
By seperately selecting the 2 notes you will be able to see what midi channels the notes were recorded on.

if the pairs of identical notes have different channels, then I’m betting your problem is due to your midi keyboard sending out 2 notes for each note you play. (some keyboards have this as a switchable feature for playing line, often called layering).
Good luck !!

Tony B and Mashedmitten…

Thanks again for your input on this. I took a second look at what I was doing per your suggestions, and this is what I found.

Tony B … Thanks for the heads up about the info line and where to find the information. After bringing it into view, I was able to click on both notes and see the channel. However, they were both channel 1. So, that told me that the keyboard was OK.

Mashedmitten … I revisited your suggestion and saw that I had an IN and an OUT for Direct Music AND Windows MIDI. So, I unchecked Direct Music. What I have now is merely a check on IN and OUT for Windows MIDI (and, of course, a check on “IN ALL MIDI”). The end result is that my duplicate notes have gone away. So, that was the fix.

Again, many thanks to both of your for you input and help.