Double notes recording.

Hello! I have some problem with recording in Cubase 10.5. As a keyboard control and at the same time the AUDIO interface I use Roland FA06. This is the only keyboard I have connected. When I start a new project and start recording any track (MIDI or VST instrument), when INPUT ROUTING is set to ALL MIDI INPUTS, it always records double notes. Only after choosing the FA06 keyboard in INPUT ROUTING, everything is normal. Recently I connected my son’s keyboard, M-AUDIO OXYGEN 61, and there is no problem with the ALL MIDI INPUTS setting. Does anyone have an idea what’s going on here? I was looking for a possible solution in the FA06 keyboard menu but I found nothing. Regards!

You seem to have found the solution yourself. Maybe your FA06 is sending out on multiple channels?

Probably you’re right :slight_smile: Just how to turn it off … When I’m in DAW mode in Roland, I have the selected channel on which I record. The same channel number is in Cubase and still records double notes when the ALL MIDI INPUTS option is active. I guess this is probably some setting on Roland’s menu only which … There may also be a chance that it can’t be turned off … I will keep looking! Thank you so much for your help! Regards!

What happens if you don’t include the FA06 as part of All MIDI Inputs? If you do that and All MIDI Inputs plays a single note that would imply there is somehow 2 different MIDI paths involved.