Double notes won't delete

I am recording roland VAD drums into cubase and all the notes are doubled. I try the midi function ‘delete doubles’ and nothing happens.

Generally the Score Editor is the worst for sorting out stuff like this. Mostly because the notation, as an abstraction, doesn’t allow you to see useful info like the actual beginnings & ends of Notes which are shown in the Key Editor.

Most likely the two Notes in each pair are slightly different from each other and hence not really doubles. Could be they are different lengths, or one is slightly delayed from the other, or (my own favorite guess) they are on different MIDI Channels because the Roland sent it out that way.

The List Editor is most useful for figuring out what’s occurring in the MIDI Part. Take a look there.

list editor

OK, so you can see the second Note of each pair is slightly delayed from the first Note. That typically occurs when you have the same MIDI data routed down two different paths to the same destination.

How is your Roland connected to your computer. Maybe it has two connectors which are both included in All MIDI Inputs?

I has midi in and out, and also USB. USB was set to D50x, instead of how I usually have to the Presonus Firestudio Project,
I changed back to the FSP so I couldn’t hear what had been routed to the D50x (brain of VAD) and then I just hit some pads one time each while test recording and again all were double.

Some things to check. I’m not on my music PC but…:

In Studio Setup, have you disabled any MIDI inputs that aren’t in use ?

On the MIDI track you’re recording to, are you focusing on the input or using ‘All MIDI inputs’? If using ‘All MIDI inputs’ try changing the focus to the MIDI input you’re recording from.

If this still results in ‘double’ notes, is this MIDI channel set to a channel or set to ‘Any’ ? Try ‘Any’ and see if you end up with two MIDI channels being recorded.

I had this issue with a keyboard that had a USB MIDI connection that gave rise to almost identical doubles notes being recorded BUT to two MIDI channels. I was able then to "Dissolve’ the track by MIDI channel and simply delete one of the channels!

I was on all midi inputs. This is just a test of the Roland TD-50x and nothing else is playing. I changed to 2-TD-50x for the input. I have the midi channel set with the monitor highlighted. I hit some drums and I see the mixer level jump up on each I hit. I put into record, and as the track records, I see nothing appear when I hit. I stop the recording and the track disappears.

I think you clued me to the problem and solution. I wondered why TD50x had a 2 in front of it. I saw that it was port 2. But I saw that I also had TD20 on port 2. I had switch the midi cables from that to the TD-50x, but didn’t change the name. So when then selected the TD20 as the input, and tested, now there were no double notes shown. Unless it is showing the USB connecting (where midi is off), I had 2 inputs for the TD50x. So this was most helpful, thanks.