Double octave artificial harmonic

Running out of ideas how to do this:

The first group of harmonics shows correctly in standard and TAB. The last group is fingered the same but the artificial harmonics should be two octaves up, frets 24 & 26. I can add some text on the standard notation but what can I do with the TAB?

I’m afraid Dorico only supports the use of a single touch-point for artificial harmonics - the one closest to the fretting finger. (We do support alternate touch-points for natural harmonics though.)

I have been doing some more experiments.

Here I am using the same music on a standard-notation-only staff & TAB-only staff. Since the source of the TAB is NOT what is seen in standard notation I have some freedom to get the TAB the way I want it. The problem here is that I can’t get rid of time signatures in TAB staff.

This version also sort of works. It shows both standard & TAB of the same staff. But I have to hide TAB fret positions for fundamental notes. Because TAB numbers are set to have a little white space around them I now get gaps on the staff lines. Turning off the white space around the numbers is a global setting I don’t like. Looks like I have two “very close” solutions but neither gets me all the way.

Any ideas?

How are you hiding the tab numbers? Perhaps in future we could make Dorico clever enough to know that it doesn’t need to create an erasure area if the number itself is hidden.

I wonder if using the “Pinch” harmonic appearance gets you any closer to what you want? That only shows the fretted position on the tab staff.

The hidden numbers are done with Custom Color transparency.

I have been away from this project for a while. Thanks for all the input. I ended up using pinched artificial harmonic. 4th partial puts the pitch at the right octave.