Double Pasting & Doubled Keystrokes in VST Instrument

Is this the place to find VST experts? If not, where is that place?

I am having a problem with certain mouse and keyboard actions sending double actions to a VST softsynth instrument.

-Windows 7 64 bit

VST Host Applications:
-Reaper 6.28 64 bit
-Cakewalk 2021.04 (Build 144, 64 bit)

VST Instrument:
-Jamstix 3 64 bit

This has been driving me mad for the past week or so…

“Delete” and “Backspace” keys remove two characters with a single key press.

“Arrow keys” scroll 2 items with one press when scrolling a list.

“Ctrl-V” pastes twice. But if I use right-click option it pastes once as it should.

All other keys, shifted or not, type properly. Only the “Delete, Backspace, Arrow Keys and Ctrl-V” are doubling their actions. Why is it just those particular keys or key combo?

The affected keys all seem to have something in common with one or another in regards to deletion, navigation and character displacement. That has to mean something.

Does anybody have a clue to what is causing that?

Probably you would get answers in the forums devoted to the products you use. This is the Steinberg forum for Cubase, Dorico, Wavelab, etc.

You probably need to speak with someone who uses the same products to understand what the problem is.

Thanks for replying. That’s what I have been doing. Now I am branching out .

The users who who may have had that problem in the past are either not visiting those forums or they don’t remember what they did to fix it.

At this point, I am looking beyond the GUI for answers because it happens under more than one host application. I want to know what is going on behind the scenes. I’d like to pick the brains of people who develop this stuff. Someone who knows what goes on between the keyboard and VST plugins.

Since Steinberg was a pioneer in VST development. If not the ones who created it. It seems a logical place to look for help or a place to jump off from. If I can’t get help here, I’m hoping someone can direct me to where I can get help.

Usually the devs at Jamstix are quick to respond to issues but response is kind of lacking on this issue.

I see…

Does this happen in exactly one VST plugin, (Jamstix )or all?

One idea might be to install the trial of Cubase Elements, and instantiate the wayward plugin in Cubase. Then, we would have that in common, and people here could help troubleshoot with same-to-same software.

I’m only using two plugins, Jamstix and Addictive Drums. Addictive is mostly point and click except for a search box which behaves properly when I use the keys I listed previously. Jamastix does so much of what I want in a drum program. If it wasn’t for that I’d dump it in heartbeat.

I’ll load up Cubase and see what comes from that.


The “Download Assistant” is not assisting. It is being big PITA. It just keeps me in a perpetual loop and won’t open the sda after selecting Firefox. And I’m not getting that window any more.

So screw it. If anyone know where the VST heavies hang out. Post here please. Thanks.

Thanks for your suggestions. After more than a week of messing with this I found a work around. I was very frustrated with it.

I found that I can do my edits in Notepad and what I enter and save is updated live in the plugin. It is actually an improvement because I can do more in Notepad and saving is only one extra step. I just had to pin a shortcut to the file taskbar. The brain is getting old I should have thought of this a long time ago.

Thanks again for taking the time to reply.