Double playback of sfz

Using the latest version of Dorico (3.5.10), I’m struggling with implementing sfz expression using a VST library which has it’s own sfz sounds. I’ve been using an base switch that switches to the sfz samples.

However, the dynamics lane also shows sfz implementation from Dorico itself (that is: a short bump in dynamics), but I don’t need this. Just the VST library is enough for me to generate the sfz sound.

Am I doing something wrong? I’ve searched other topics about this and as far as I understand Dorico not always does change the dynamics lane for sfz.

Could anyone point me into the right direction? These are my first steps into programming expression maps and I’d like to do it right from the beginning.

Some things I tried:

  • Use an add-on switch instead of a base switch (didn’t seem to make a difference)
  • Disable the base “Natural” switch
  • Remove the base “Natural” switch
  • Disable all other switches I’ve created
  • Remove all other switches I’ve created

I’m afraid I don’t think it’s possible to prevent Dorico from generating the envelope for sforzando.

Does this also apply for other playback techniques, such as accents, marcato etc.?

Accents and Marcatos can be controlled in Playback Options. (command/Ctrl shift P)

Another option might be to create the symbol as a Playing Technique.

You’re completely right, I just did think of the timing of these symbols (also in Playback Options), but not the dynamics of those. Thanks!

I only sfz and friends did have such options! (I do understand a dynamic expression is completely different from a symbol like marcato).