DOUBLE POST - CAN BE DELETED: Windows not loading correctly


I have a couple of minor problems in the “Audio Connections” windows:

  1. The text colour of the selected tab is white which make almost unreadable?
  2. The windows itself is not loaded accurately (see attachment) and when I want to expand a bus (Send bus 1 - return bus 2) etc. I have to dubbel click on ±sign and thereby the text gets marked (blue). If I pull and resize the window and then click (only once) the + sign, everything works as expected/normal.

In the “MIDI Device Manager” -> “Open Device” I see the problem (as 2) with the windows not loading correct

Has anybody else experienced this?

Windows 10 Pro
Cubase version 10.5.20 Build 179


Both of these are an known issues.


Okay, I looked for similar posts but could not find any. Anyway, thank for the reply.
I’ll check if I can delete the post.