Double Repeat with Ossia / extra Staff

I need a double repeat in this situation. I can understand that Dorico has problems to make that with the extra staff or ossia (same result) - because there is no ‘following’ bar. I tried to enter barlines with shift+alt. It doesn’t work.
Does anybody has a workaround for this problem?

Hi there

I don’t know the context here, but I would include the following bar in the ossia, even though it’s identical, because the first note would be tied into in the ossia reading. I’m not sure about the tie for the repeat though, and it might be better to have the whole section as an ossia.

This is both clearer for reading the ossia line and should clear up the barline problem.

(Depending on the circumstances, it might also be acceptable to place the ossia as a second voice on the main stave, with cue-sized notes and rests, and labelled as ossia. Ossia upstem and main line downstem.)

Hope that helps

Hey Jeremy,
thanx a lot. The Tie is not the problem. I can add it manually.
I’ll think about your suggestions :slight_smile:

Hi again

My worry about the tie is that, for the ossia line, there needs to be a tie into the first note when the player makes the repeat. So some way of notating it, and making it clear that it applies to the ossia only, also needs to be found. So that leads me (and I stress that there is nowhere near enough context in your picture to know for sure) to suggest you use an ossia for the entire section.