Double Solo - Solo safe?

Anyone can help I’m sure I saw some sort of double solo in Cubase in a video a while ago .

I’ve set up a reference mix coming back on Cue1 , with its tracks, not sending to the output so that I can only be against the reference stems problem is I have to put them in solo safe as if I solo a track going to the main quad bus. It cuts out the reference mixes on Cue 1 .

My workaround is to solo safe, the tracks going to Cue 1 , but my problem is, I cannot solo those tracks .

Tricky to explain hope that makes sense .


We call this Solo Defeat. :wink:

What about to place all references stems into a dedicated folder? Then you can easily Solo the Folder. Or you can route them to the dedicated Group Channel (and the Group to the Main Out) and Solo (or Solo Defeat) the Group Channel. Would this fit your needs?

So they are in a folder , I am trying to Solo individual stems within that folder, but as they’re in solo safe, the only way I can work out is to mute the other stems in that folder which is very slow


Why are they in the Solo Defeat? Do you want to hear the all even when you Solo other track? That’s the purpose of the Solo Defeat: don’t Mute the track automatically if another track becomes Solo enabled.

Yes I need to hear them while I solo other track

So I in the project I have and the track playing , I added 12 x Stems which I am listing to via ControlRoom sending the stem to the cue buss . This is to A , B a recall between the Stem and the main tracks

I need to be able to solo which ever track I need but alway have the stems and the main tracks playing . adding Defeat to the stems mean they are always playing back even when I Solo a main track , but I can’t then solo Stems . I have to mute the other Stems to listen to a single one .

Sorry, seems really complicated trying to explain it, but I don’t know how else to explain it


What about to route the stems to a Stems Group, which would be Solo Defeat (the Group). Then you can Solo any single of the Stems, and it will always play back.

Just tried adding a Group for the stems but when I solo a main track you see below it mutes the stems.


Then you can Solo the one stem, you want to hear.

I need the stems to play while I solo the lower (main tracks). And have the stems still play ,

So I guess it’s. Not possible ,



Then you can Solo Defeat them.

So a work around is to use the Listen button , I ws hidden on my track view and I forgot about it . it’s not quit the same a solo as it a direct listen , but perfect for just A , B testing a track

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