Double stems, dotted half notes

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basically the same question as on the Facebook page:

I require divided strings to come together occasionally on double-stopped open strings. At those points, there should only be the two noteheads of the doublestop, with an upward AND a downward stem that join both noteheads.

Is there some way of doing this?
I can’t get the desired result by using two voices, it doubles the noteheads and doesn’t overlap them. And the option to overlap noteheads doesn’t seem to work on dotted half notes.

are you using the divisi function in conjunction with the condensing function? Or are you using multiple voices in a normal violin staff? The ladder should easily lead to the desired result, you might want to play with voice column indexes in engrave mode though…

these are real notes o n a single staff, no divisi function.
I did solve it when I remembered the voice column index option.

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