Double time instrument tracks

Hey, I just finished my half time part of the song and I was wondering if a specefic BPM count could be doubled within in the project I need most at 87.5 but the drum?xs and some other elements in the song at 175. Is it possible without bouncing midi/instrument tracks or leaving it static?

The project it self is quite big 16 midi 6 instrument and 4 audio tracks.
And will inclode about 5 other instrument track on 175 BPM link to screenshot current state of project.

Not sure I have completely grasped what you are trying to achieve there… do you actually want to change what is already being heard there (doubling or halving its speed), or just have the tempo double(or halve?) without what you hear changing?
Anyways, in either case, the first thing you need to do (according to your screenshot), is, in the Transport Bar, change the tempo from “Fixed” to “Track”, then enter the correct starting tempo (87.5 BPM?) in the tempo track Editor window (or create a Tempo track in your project window, and do it there :wink: )
What happens next depends on what you wish to achieve :wink:
If you don’t want to change what is being heard, but simply set a double tempo against it (e.g. for overdubbing at the new tempo), is change all tracks from Musical Timebase to Linear Timebase (for each track, change the yellow “quarter-note” icon in the Inspectorinto a “clock” icon)… and make sure that, in the Audio Pool (if necessary) all audio clips do not have Musical Mode checkmarked.
You can now enter new tempo events at the appropriate places in the Tempo track.

If you do want to change what is already being heard, I think I need a bit more detailed info… don’t want to set you running off in a wrong direction :wink:.

No what was being heard I wanted to keep exactly the same and add 175 BPM drums to it.

So if I do that since I have midi and instrument tracks does it apply for both?
I want to check but I have to catch a train.

Yes, switch each track individually from Musical Timebase to Linear Timebase. And do this before you add the new tempo changes :wink: )
(nothing I can do about your train, though :wink: )