Double Trills in 2.2


Thanks for this great update. I’m just starting to use a few of the new features, which will be extremely helpful.

Has anyone had success in writing a double trill? In piano music, that would be two notes, of the same duration and starting in the same place, in one voice, each one trilling. So we need two trill signs on top of each other.

I had a few of these in a piece I’m working on now, and the 2.2 update seems to have removed the double trills and replaced them each with a single trill. When I try to add another trill, it just replaces the one that’s already there, so I don’t seem to be able to write a double trill.

Haven’t tried yet, but perhaps put each note in its own voice? Then you might be able to apply two trills and force the second to display above the staff if it defaults to below.

You can do a bit better than Romanos’s idea.

Enter the notes in different voices. Attach a trill to each voice.

Then, change the voices to be the same (Right Click, Voices / Change Voice…).

Unfortunately this only plays back one of the trills, but you can get that to work with a bit more effort.

Make the stem directions of both voices the same, and then in Engrave mode use the Voice Column Index property to stack them vertically.

See the attachment - voice colours switched on to show the which notes are in which voice.
Doulbe trill.png

These are both good workarounds — thanks. Hopefully this will added in a future version, because it’s a common notation.

I don’t think it’s likely that Dorico will support trills attached to specific notes in a particular voice in the near- or medium-term future. Using notes in multiple voices is going to be the best way to achieve this for the forseeable future, I would guess.