Doubled audio from input 1, even in there are no tracks

I’ve recently started having an issue in cubase elements 11 where, through input 1 of my Axe IO solo interface, there is a dry guitar sound that I cannot get rid of. It’s there if monitoring is turned on, when it’s turned off, and even if there are zero tracks I can still play my guitar and hear it through my monitors. It basically sounds like a slapback delay, but the delay is always clean and isn’t affected by any processing, just a dry guitar sound.
Strangely, the problem doesn’t happen through input 2, and also goes away if I change from 44.1khz to 48khz, and is not present if I use any standalone plugins without cubase.
There is a Monitor knob on my interface that is set to DAW, which in the past has resulted only in my processed guitar tone, while setting it to Direct would yield me my dry guitar sound, now that knob doesn’t change anything so I know that isn’t the issue.
As far as I know I haven’t changed anything within cubase, and even if I did I don’t know why it only affects one of my inputs, I’ve had this interface for over a year and it never had this problem before.
Thanks for you help