Hi folks
I’m using 2 possible midi sources, namely a keyboard and also edrums. The keyboard is fine but the drums are causing doubles. The midi log is showing only note on and note off so I’m finding this a bit strange.
ctrl A and ‘delete doubles’ is not doing anything.

Any ideas anyone? Elements 7


How are the doubles manifesting themselves? When you originally play them in, or when you’re playing back after recording them?

Well I assume they are being recorded as there are, physically, 2 notes on top of each other.

Sorry, I don’t think what you’re saying is clear:

In your first post you say that there are doubles, but the “midi log” is showing only note on and note off - what is this midi log? Are you talking about the list editor? Any chance of a screenshot?

Second, you assume they are being recorded, but I don’t think assumption is the way forward! How is this behaviour manifesting itself? Are you hearing the doubles? On what tracks? On what instruments? When you are playing them in, when you are playing back, or both times?

I’m not sure why you’re saying there are doubles at the moment, or when it’s happening, so it’s difficult to offer any suggestions.

The midi log is from the drum trigger interface, this is just to illustrate that only one note is being sent.
Yes, I can hear doubles when playing back not when recording.

After inserting an instrument track, I assign an instrument in Kontakt and record. It happens no matter the instrument or library chosen.


OK, that gets rid of my initial thought (that you were hearing both the directly triggered note and one coming via MIDI as well).

What’s the drum trigger interface? Make and model and age? (I have one idea left, then I’m afraid I’m out of ideas for the mo!)

What is the MIDI device you are using? Does it have “zones” or “groups” enabled.
One of my MIDI keyboards has a “zones” or “group” feature which allows you to send MIDI out different zones on the keyboard and you can assign those to different MIDI channels, and Cubase will record them all.
Sometimes I accidentally hit one of the group buttons and get doubles.

Well thanks chaps, I’m confident the trigger interface is not the problem or I would be hearing doubles with kontakt in stand alone mode, which I’m not.
I think it must be a general set up problem.

Cubase does not filter midi in , so it will record any channel being sent to it unless you set up an input filter.
Kontakt is able to play only the channel you have selected as the input channel for a particular instrument.

Well, there’s a midi loop maybe. Have you troubleshooted this removing all the variables? i.e., a new project with 1 midi track, no Kontakt VST?

Open a midi monitor insert on the track.

And there, is another thing I shall ask in a different thread.

@ SteveInChicago
I think it is something along the lines of a loop. I’ll have a different look tomorrow.


Check out the device menu, MIDI tab. Here, on Windows, I have Fireface Midi Port 1 (in/out) and some generic Windows MIDI items. The latter have to be unticked, otherwise I’ll get doubles as well.

‘Remove doubles’ from the MIDI menu basically works, but as MIDI timing isn’t that accurate by nature, the function will only delete real doubles - notes that are in exact same position. They usually aren’t when coming from two different sources.

That was indeed the problem. Thanks to everyone.