Doubling note length - wrong bpm

I have a song which plays back at 40 bpm. However, there are really 80 bpm. Is there a way of converting all the midi data so that notes are doubled in length - e.g. semi-quavers become quavers, etc.?
Regards, Richard.

Yes: Logical Editor: Double the length and position values of all events (not only the note- maybe you have CC data?), then change your tempo to the the correct one. See attached. (caveat: make sure the first not of the selection is right at the beginning of the midi Part)

That’s great stuff.

I first made sure there was a MIDI part at bar 1 in each track containing a note, and then selected All.

I then used the Project Logical Editor to double the length and start position of each MIDI part.

Then, as you suggested, I used the Logical Editor to double the length and double the start position of each note and each controller.

It appears to have worked - but I’m still checking that all the controller information is correct.

Pictures attached.

Regards, Richard.

Cool! The only problem I ever had with that was the caveat I mentioned. As long as I minded that- making sure the start of the earliest object was at the exact beginning of the midi part, it works.

But I’ll add one thing- it’s not necessary to include controllers explicitly. If you look at the preset I used, the filter targets are

Type is note OR type is not note.

This guarantees everything is included.

I suppose, one can use the new condition “All type” in LE and make it shorter and faster.

If this is correct, the proper way would be having None in as a Parameter 1 Choice (I suppose the LE designers did not want to put None ( _, or NULL) in the Parameter one choices.)

“All types” appears to work also.
However, the Tempo track, Signature track and Marker track are not repositioned at all despite Select All.
I think you need to mention Tempo and Signature explicitly like I’ve done in the attached Project Logical Editor image.
Mentioning the Marker track does nothing, though.

I need to try this on a much smaller project as it’s difficult checking that everything is OK with the complicated one I’ve been using.

The actual tempo value doesn’t appear to get doubled, just the position at which it changes.
I’m not sure how you would double this in the Logical Editor.

There appear to be two ways to do this in the Project Logical Editor.
Media Type | Equal | MIDI or
Media Type | Equal | Marker or
Media Type | Equal | Tempo or
Media Type | Equal | Signature
Position x 2
Length x 2

Container Type is | All Types
Position x 2
Length x 2

These are equivalent, at least if you only have MIDI, Marker, Tempo and Signature tracks.

Then, after Selecting All, using the Logical Editor (which handles MIDI tracks only)
Type is | All Types | Note
Position x 2
Length x 2

There does not appear to be a way of doubling the Tempo track values. This has to be done manually - which is a pain. Unless anyone else knows better?

You can Export the Tempo track to an XML file. (The Signature track is also exported). The BPM values in the file (and I suppose the PPQ values) could be edited manually, but with many values, a program would be need to do it.

However, when re-importing an Exported Tempo track file (even if it hasn’t changed) the signature track gets messed up. So don’t do this. Editing out the Signature track parts results in “This file is not valid”.

Regards, Richard.

Do you know about he Process Tempo functions?

I guess you mean Process Tempo dialog. I just take a look at it. It seems very useful. Thank Steve. :slight_smile:

The Process Tempo dialog allows you to set a range to a specific length or to adjust its end time by automatic adjustment of the tempo track.

I know about the Process Tempo functions.
They do not affect the actual tempo, just the time at which the tempo changes.

Not actually, see attached gif

I see. You halve the length to double the tempo. This works if the signature is constant, but I’m trying it with a simple example of 2 bars in 4/4 followed by 2 bars in 3/4. So that’s 4 bars of unequal length.
Reducing the length from bars to the equivalent tempo scaling becomes 1.75.
Reducing the length from bars to the equivalent tempo scaling becomes 2.0, which is what I want.
So I suppose the rule is that you just adjust the new length until you get the scaling factor you require.
Thanks for your help.


Another way to double note lengths is the following:
Select the notes to be lengthened
Go to the Midi menu on top
Select: Logical Presets
Select Standard Set 1
Select: Half Tempo

You can also shorten midi notes by selecting double Tempo and a range of other operations.

This is what is already being done and discussed here. The question is how to change the tempo after changing the notes.

If it’s just an alla breve problem (4/4 to2/2) why not just use the 3rd select tool “Applies Time Stretch” and drag it to double it or halve it?

Sorry if I’m missing something here.

As it is with many things in Cubase, there are several ways to do the note pos/length resizing, but the question is about how to change the tempo in the transport bar to have the right value.

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Ahh! Changing tempo and time signatures. It would be interesting to see a programmed script for this!

Are you familiar with the Process Tempo method posted above?

I can’t say I have devoted much time to it. Generally, me and the Tempo Track have a relationship of trial and error, as I’m more used to working with relative units of measurement when it comes to time signature changes. (For example quarter=dotted quarter, or 7/8=60 - the whole measure, or dotted quarter = x, or half = x). Having to translate everything to quarters for Cubase makes me scratch my head, so instead I just enter random numbers until it feels right. :smiley: