Doubling the tempo of MIDI loops

I want to use a 6/8 MIDI loop from EZ drummer in my project. My project tempo is 75. If i use this loop in my project it plays at half the speed that I want it to. Is there any way I can double the speed of just the MIDI loop?

Yes, is possible to compress or expand midi events horizontally.
The “Object Selection” tool, the arrow, can be set to “sizing applies timestretch” by clicking on it twice. With this tool it is then possible to timestretch midi- and audioevents. Stretching midi is of course not the same as timestretching audio but relates to the note on and note off time positions of the control signals.


Oh… Thank You:) I’ll try that…

works fine!! thank you :slight_smile:

press “1” twice (the sizing tool should show) then stretch the midi event just like u would with audio