Doubt about LICENSE of Dorico Pro and Dorico SE

Hi~I have some doubt about LICENSE of Dorico.
【My Conditions】

  1. System: Win10 1909 (Home Edition); Dorico Version: Dorico Pro 3.5.12
  2. I activated Dorico SE before buying the Pro edition, so there’re two licenses in my USB eLicenser.
  3. Before installing Dorico Pro, I didn’t uninstall Dorico SE but selected “re-install” in the installer. (White “Dorico SE” but not black “Dorico Pro” was shown when openning Dorico after Dorico Pro had been installed and before the Dorico Pro License activation)
    【My Doubts】
    Usually, when Dorico Pro is opened and my laptop is waken-up after sleeping, the error box as shown in the figure below will appear.
    In this error box, it’s “Dorico SE” that was shown but not “Dorico Pro”. Why? What license is “actually” used?

Thank you for reading my question!

There’s only one Dorico application, so you rather wasted your time by reinstalling it.

The error message you’re seeing is indicating that Dorico can’t find the license. Clearly when it can’t find a license it defaults to the lowest grade license, which is SE.

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Got it! Thanks!