Downbeat bashing

Using Note Performer, it bashes the downbeat hard. The emphasis for me is much too strong. How do I tone this down?

I am afraid I don’t comprehend this section very well:

What units are these decimal numbers? How can I de-emphasise the downbeat strength?

Why not make a four-measure file and try setting the values to widely different numbers to find out? the message at the top suggests that a setting of 1.00 will change a forte into a fortissimo.

Thank you, that’s a good idea. But I tired it and it’s fine, with seemingly the same settings as my string quartet where the bashing is over the top. I shall investigate further.

I am still curious to know if 1 means take f to ff, then what are the decimal increments along the way? Percentage change? is .5 halfway between f and ff? Sorry to sound dumb!

You’re not dumb at all: those options are not the clearest. 1 = the next dynamic level, so if your note is written as forte, a value of 1 would make that note fortissimo; 0.5 is halfway between the two, and so on.

Change the instrumentation to a quartet of trombones. Then you won’t have to change a thing.

Trombone Player


*and require that the play with a 1 1/2 G into a converter into a .500" instrument. Just to be safe.

This is hilarious, but by remarkable cosmic coincidence the next work I have to engrave for my composer colleague is for trombone! Seriously.


Or a Schilke 60 - Woof, woof

This reminds me of the Richard Strauss line, " if you can’t hear the horns, they are still too loud."

Also from Richard Strauss-
“Never look at the trombones. It only encourages them”.