"Downgrade" from Halion 4 (Edu) to Halion Sonic 2?

Hi guys
I own Halion 4 (Edu) but I don’t really need all its advanced sampler-features and stuff so i would like to get Halion Sonic 2 instead.
Do you think is it possible to upgrade/downgrade (depends how you look at it) from Halion 4 to Halion Sonic 2?


You could try to contact support for a special price, but when you just upgrade your Halion 4 to version 5 (99 EUR) then you get the Halion Sonic 2 that is included in the Halion 5 package, and you still have the ability to return to the advanced sample features of Halion 5. I would advice that, since Halion 5 also has a lot of other things more then just sampling that can be relevant such as: several extra midi modules, more functionality with the program tree, a very nice customizable user interface (more important then you would think at first), more sounds, compatibility with the Halion 4 sounds, and so on.

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I agree with Roel about upgrading to H5 and using HS2. I don’t believe Steinberg would offer a “Downgrade” price and, even if they did, I don’t believe I would pay any price, other than zero, to get HS2 when, for $99, I could get H5 and work wih HS2.

Yes, I agree with you guys. The upgrade from H4 to H5 (with HS2 included) is the obvious choice, but at the moment my budget for plugins and stuff is low, so I thought that maybe I could “downgrade” from H4 to HS2 without paying anything (I think that would be quite fair), and then, in the future, if I’ll really need all the extra features of H5 i’ll do an upgrade from HS2 to H5.