Downgrading from Cubase AI 6...

Hello, I’m new to the forums here and have a quick question regarding Cubase AI 6.
I just purchased a Yamaha Motif XF8 workstation and a Steinberg CMC-PD drum pad controller that both came with Cubase AI 6. After installing on my computer and reading the system requirement section of the manual, AI 6
will unfortunately not work on my computer (2.93GHz Pentium 4 512mb ram). DRATS!!!
Is there a way to downgrade to an earlier version of Cubase that will work with my system requirements???
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Kind regards


If you can still find a version that supports your computer specs

Nice!!! Hence the question, any idea where may I be able to obtain said copy???



Mike: Think about getting a new or UPGRADE your computer – maybe on Ebay :bulb:
Recording with a computer takes a lot of Memory etc.
And also check out Cubase 7 :bulb:

Jack :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks for the reply, but as yet kinda of didn’t want to jump in with both feet…
I’m undecided yet on the computer aspect as, I’ve a 32 track stand alone unit and don’t know if I’ll take to Cubase and the learning curve…? Didn’t want the added expense of another computer also just to see if Cubase was a good fit, hence the idea of a previous version to see if I like Cubase.
I appreciate your quick replies and maybe see if I can find an earlier version to play around with before I dive in.


Steinberg came up to bat and hit a home run on this one!!!
Thanks Joel Gragg , and anyone else that had a hand in making this happen, for your help and hard work on this!!!
I look forward to finally evaluating the software and giving a detailed
evaluation of the software as opposed to the traditional way I’ve been used to recording.
I’ve wanted so long to be able to utilize my computer for recording, but as Ive been a hardware kinda guy for the last 30 years, I was kinda scared/intimidated by software and the whole computer aspect of it. (Not really a computer guy as of yet, but I learn quickly).
This gives me a real first time experience at something completely new and I really look forward to seeing just how far it takes me and if it indeed does help manage my recordimg workflow. Time will tell…

Thanks again to everyone and their help!!!

Kind regards

Mike: I’m a little puzzled by your post here. But I to em or was a Hardware (Out of the Box) Analog guy,
but came to realize that Software, computer based (In the Box) has many more advantages
over (Out of the Box) Hardware. Automated mixing–fixing vocals and instruments - IMO, superior EQ. etc.
Since I came from the Analog world Tape Saturation plugins or even using Real analog Tape along with
a Digital DAW has started to catch on along with Tube compressors etc.

Cubase Le4 was my EYE opener.
But Cubase 7 is really great :wink:

Jack :smiley: :smiley: :slight_smile:

Hmm…can I clarify???
My experience has been mostly in the analog/tape world, but a few years ago, I had purchased a stand alone digital recorder which was a very similar/familiar interface, but again no computer experience to date.
I’m hoping that the transition to software/compter is an eye opener for me too???
Although I have heard a lot about the learning curve with a software/computer set up and am trying to be patient and opened minded towards the transition. I’m more concerned about workflow and the idea of making things as easy as possible and I see that there are many ways in which software/computer has this advantage. Although, the learning curve issue is in the back of my mind and is haunting me… Meaning that I’m sure it’s going to take quite some time to learn the software and familiarize myself with its operation. Remember, I’m not a computer guy. Yet!!! LOL
I will update, as soon as I am able to get my feet wet!!!


After spending all day downloading and setting everything up I can’t get cubase AI 5 to recognize my Yamaha Motif XF or my Steinberg CMC-PD. downloaded all drivers, etc. when I go into devices in the main screen neither are listed???
Honestly, I’ve been at this all day and nothing seems to work.
I wanted this transition to be somewhat easy, but so far it’s tearing me down.
If anyone has any suggestions I’m all ears, as I want this to work together so badly but my lack of computer skills and MIDI are holding me back it seems…