Download access code - 30 days free trails

Hi I am new to Dorico pro 4, and would like to take a try for the 30 days trails. I have created a new account and download everything I need, but have never received the download access code by email…
Can anyone help with this? Thank you.


Silly question, but have you checked your Junk folder?

of course, I have checked all mail box, but no access code. Thank you.

How many emails do you receive from Steinberg? I only got one which is “download and activate Dorico Pro Trial Version”. So I opened and clicked all the links and download and installed everything, but no code to activate.

I also had the same problem. On my mac account, noen email get trhough. When register my gmail I only get two mails, one download and one with verification code.
I guess I need an access code to starting using Cubase on my trial version…

Welcome to the forum, @solvi. I’ve checked your account and you do indeed have a Cubase Elements trial active until 19 December. So you should find that if you simply run Cubase Elements on your computer and sign in with your Steinberg ID, everything will be fine.

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