Download access code already in use?

Hi all, I just got an Alesis Core 1 24-Bit Inline USB Audio interface, and I’m pretty excited to start playing with it. I have, however, run into some trouble with getting the software I need.
Problem 1:
Bundled with my Core 1 is a card titled 'Software Download Instructions". I attached an image of such a card. Steps 1 and 2 are pretty straight forward, and I’ve completed them (I cam to the Steinberg site, and made an account) . Step 3 is where the problems begin: It says that I will receive an email containing download instructions. I did not receive this email. Step 4 tells me to follow a link in the email, which I cannot do, because there is no email. So this is a dead end.

Problem 2:
So after facing problem 1, I assume that the link the email refers to is the ‘My Products’ page on Here I have the option to enter my ‘Download Access Code’. I once again assume that the download access code the 25-digit code at the bottom of the aforementioned card. So I enter it, but it says that my code is already in use, and refuses to continue.
So still no cigar.

Can anyone offer me any advice?


I contacted my local vendor and got it sorted out.

I just had the same problem. Yesterday, I bought an Alesis Multimix. My Cubase LE card looks the same. The middle of the second series of five characters looks like “| |”, like a misprint, but it can only be either an “H”, “M”, or “N”. The last two come up with invalid codes. The first says it’s already in use. My local vendor says to return the entire package (mixer, cables, card, etc. & swap for a new one. Who’s to say that I’ll have exactly the same problem? Any one from Steinberg monitoring this issue? I sent an email to support on another page.