Download Access Code doesn't work (code from Yamaha hardware)

Dear support,

I’ve bought Yamaha MODX6+ recently, It has Download Access Code to get Cubase AI.
I tried that, but with Steinberg Download Assistant, but it doesn’t work - it shows the following message

Download Access Code is Invalid. Please check the code you entered and try again.

The download access code begins with 11NEK-…
I can provide whole Download Access Code.

Could you help me with this problem?

Best regards

Does it match the format given here?

A Download Access Code is a string of alphabetic and numeric characters divided into 5 groups with 5 digits each. Here’s an example: 12ABC-DEFG3-HI4JK-5L67M-8NO99

nb: fyi this is a public user forum, not official Steinberg Support.

yes, the code format is correct

I tried to find official Steinberg Support, but Steinberg official site redirects to distributors, I created support ticket on some selected distibutor site, but I am not sure if they will answer at all. They don’t look like steinberg support. So, for now looks like there is no support at all it is why I created this post in the forum.

I hear what you’re saying in regard to distributers’ support.

But anyway, maybe the error message is actually correct? Possibly an unneeded space in there?

I was thinking that because the usual errors I see on the forum are more along the lines of “This code has already been used” or some such positive response.

The code is correct. There are no spaces.
Download assistand app shows different error message if download access code format is not correct.

And it is very strange, it looks like Steinberg has no any support at all.
I sent message to distributors support and to facebook. No answer.

Is this a code you are copying from a printed sheet, or was it in an email?

Maybe this can help – 0≠O
I believe the letter ‘O’ is never present in a DAC.

Have you tried entering the code in your Steinberg account?

Yes, I tried that :frowning:

Hi @mbusel, I have added a Cubase AI license to your account.

All the best,

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Hello Matthias,

Thank you very much!

Best regards,