Download Access Code not working

Hi All,
My first post here and I am afraid it is not a happy one. After using Cubase Elements for a few months I decided to move to the pro version. As I am an ex Logic user I went for the Crossgrade offer. My boxed version arrived with the USB e-licenser and DAC. The DAC does not work and comes up with a weird error “Kein AC”. I have opened a support ticket with Steinberg though I hear they are not quick at responding. As anyone else seen this error or can shed any light on it?

I’m in exact boat as you. Detail for detail.

There has been a problem with the licensing server, which is supposed to be fixed now. If you cannot activate your permanent licence now, I would open a ticket.

I tried it again this morning and it works fine now. Looks like to was an issue with the licensing server.