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I’m new on this forum,
I come from the Netherlands and my English is not that good,

But, Hello,

I bought the Focusrite Scarlett Studio 2i2 with the included software.
It was nice looking stuff and i installed the software. And activated my licenses.
On the box i found some panels.This needed to be the included software but it wasn’t the same as my software. I got Cubase AI LE elements 6, without Scarlett Plug-in suite. I wanted that plug-in. So i downloaded it, and set it in my VST. I can use it, but i can only use the demo version, because i don’t have the activation code! Where can i found the activation code? I tried the Soft-License code, but that didn’t work.

My next question is: How can i add more effects in my cubase. I want some Echo, now i only have Reverb (it’s almost the same). Do i need to download effects en put them in like the Scarlett plug-in suite?

And where can i found my Download Access code, i never get this code there was no discription in the box when i opened it. Is this code somewhere on my computer? Like the Soft-License codes?


Jan-Douwe van Beek


I remember having the same confusion when I got my focusrite, can’t remember how I got it but I did, try the focusrite website and contact their support if that doesn’t sort you out, that said I don’t think I’ve used them other than the initial “oh that’s nice”, might go back n have another go…

Re the echo, there is a delay I think (hmm elements, not sure if that’s included) if you can’t find one google free VST plugins, there’s heaps out there, I think there’s even links to some on the steinberg product page…



Thanks for your reaction.

I’ve already sended a mail to Steiberg, but they dont react. Maybe i need to wait a few days more. I can live without the Scarlett plug-in. The program works fine to me, i only need my download access code. That is the only thing i want to know right now! :stuck_out_tongue:

On the Steinberg website you can download VST plugins with the download access code. But is dont have that!


Why are you holding Steinberg responsible for your Focusrite Scarlett Plug-in suite?

Maybe this will help:´scarlett-plugin-suite´-erscheint-nicht-als-insert-effekt-in-cubase

I’ve already done that. But when i open them i can only use the demo version. For the full version i need a activation code. But i dont have that code!