Download and activate Cubase AI after couple of years hardware purchase


I searched in the forum for similar threads. I found some similar, but not exactly my question.

I purchased a new, sealed UR-RT4 in february 2021. Included was the Cubase AI Download Access Code, what I have never used. But it happens (for a project I have in mind) that now I want to use it, but in another computer that at the moment is out of reach, so I am not able to test it. Question is: have these AI licenses an expiration date, or will I be able to download and activate it, using a new account, after two and a half years? In the sheet I have I can’t find information about version, I can read simply “Cubase AI download information”.

Thank you.


The licenses have no expiration date. You can download, activate and use it. You will get the current Cubase version, i.e. Cubase AI 12 at this moment.


Thank you very much, Martin.