Download- AND boxed version of Dorico?

Is there a way to buy a boxed version of Dorico and also download it? I realize the boxed version only contains DVD-ROMs of the sounds, a quick-start guide, and a USB-eLicenser, but I’m weird and would like a box. :wink: Also, I may install Dorico on a second computer and will need the USB-eLicenser anyway. If I could pay the boxed price ($20 more than the download) and also download it immediately, that would be ideal. (I know I can get the USB-eLicenser as a separate purchase for $28.00 but I’d rather spend the additional $20.00 over the download version to get the USB and a box.) :sunglasses:

Unfortunately you can’t download it immediately, because you need the activation code to actually run the program (it won’t go past the “you need to activate” prompt), and the activation code for the boxed version is printed on a sticker stuck to a card inside the box. Sorry!

Well, darn. I’ll just have to decide If I can wait for a box! Haha. Thanks for the very prompt reply, Daniel! Congrats on the launch!