download and installation

I’m completely new to this and I have just downloaded WAveLAb LE which came with my H1 recorder, however will not open as it hasn’t installed. Im now realising that I need a eLicenser USB? Im guessing that it will not open without this installed first. Where do I get this and what will it cost? Can anyone explain the process of getting WaveLab ready to use on a not very good lap top to an absolute beginner please? is it even possible? Im looking to edit interviews from my H1.
Any help greatly appreciated.

First off, the software should install without activating any license. Only when trying to run it, the check for the licene will be done. So does your laptop comply with the minimum requirements for Wavelab LE?

Then, you won’t need a USB-key for a Wavelab LE license, but you probably will have to install the E-Licenser Control software: In this software, you’ll have to enter the license activation code that came with your WL LE and you should be ready to go.

Thank you very much. I’ll give that a go!