Download Assistant 1.35.0 not working

I have read the threads of previous probelms, and downloaded the latest version of the download assistant, and it is still not working. Steinberg_Download_Assistant_1.35.0_Installer_win.exe

Still getting the " A connection to the download server could not be established. … "

Is there a workaround to load content into the library manager without it?

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You can download the contents packages also from our website at Dorico Pro 5 Updates and Downloads | Steinberg

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@ulf . Thanks for replying. I have done that, but all the instructions seem to target using the assistant. How do I get the program to see those files in the right location.?

The program where you can see the right file location is the Steinberg Library Manager. And that one you can download and install also from the same page.

(And as recommended, you also better download and install those other two components as well)

Is it now clear to you?

Where do files need to be located so that Dorico 5 can see them?

Also , I have installed Steinberg Activation Manager, Library Manager and Media Bay before downloading the content files

I’ve sent you a private message via this board, please check.

By default all the sound contents files get installed under
and a few subfolders underneath that location.

Under C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Steinberg Library Manager should be the Library Manager. Start that and it shows you, which contents packs do get recognized by Dorico.
It could be it shows that everything is in place and that Dorico still can’t load it.
In that case you have a file permission problem. Try to run Dorico in admin mode and see if it behaves differently then (in terms of loading sounds into HALion Sonic)