Download Assistant acting up for days

Have tried 10 times to download Cubase 10.5 for a college who is also trying to download the 30 day trial without success.
He is on the verge of renting PT (UHG!) but wants to try Cubase first.
I would like to know why the download center is always acting up? At points he cant connect to your server or it just fails to download completely.
Same issue with me now. I have attached pictures. I was able to download my Cubase 10.5 in full a while back but had the brain fart of deleting it to make room on my computer since we have this “Download Center” app which is also missing all the VST plug-ins.

Under virtual instruments and plug-ins: no Vintage Open Deck, no Portico Neve, no Yamaha Vintage collection.

It is imperative that Steinberg keeps the Download Center up and running constantly (it usually fails with your large files)

another fail with Cubase Elements 10
Large files are failing

8 times I’ve tried to download the full version of Cubase 10.5 using Steinberg’s awful Download Assistant (in July 2020) to be met with the wholly useless “There was an error” message after >20+ GB of download.

This isn’t the 1990’s and download managers such as this crummy example should not be being shipped with pro level software attracting pro level costs. Large downloads should be broken up into ‘manageable chunks’ allowing failed downloads to be restarted. This is network s/w design Rm 101. Give me back FTP access - at least then I can use appropriate tools and not have to suffer from this patent nonsense.

And the only reason I’m after the entire Cubase 10.5 download is because so few of the Steinberg plugins function correctly after installing the v10 to v10.5 upgrade (especially Halion) and Steinberg (still) haven’t responded to an outstanding fault request in almost THREE weeks. In fact, they haven’t even acknowledged it to-date.

So much for the much heralded Teutonic efficiency - shameful behaviour.

I WANT WHAT I HAVE PAID FOR … nothing more, nothing less!