Download Assistant, Activation Manager and Library Manager

Can someone please explain to me, in words of one syllable, what Download Assistant, Activation Manager and Library Manager all do and why there isn’t just one place to go to see:
(a) what Steinberg software you have already bought and which of it is, and is not, already installed,
(b) if there are any updates available for products you have already purchased,
(c) if there are any new VSTs, plug-ins, etc. that Steinberg has kindly added to what you have already bought.
In other words, you only see the software/plug-ins, etc. that is relevant to what you have bought. Life would be a lot simpler!

Just as an example of where I am confused, Download Assistant seems to offer me the ability to download everything Steinberg is currently marketing, irrespective of whether or not I have purchased it. There is no warning to say it’s off limits to me (until, presumably, I try to activate it without the correct access code). I am guessing I should only be downloading stuff from “My product downloads”.

I have spent an age downloading VSTs I wasn’t entitled to, by mistake, only for a string of warnings to pop up next time I run Cubase; and I then have to delete them all.

Great software, first class Club Cubase live stream from Greg Undo; as I see it, this is the only weak link with Steinberg products.

Those issues with the different apps have been mentioned and reported many times here on the forum… it’s not pretty. Steinber are aware of it and have said that one unified app for everything is planned (so maybe expect it in 2036 or so :wink: ).

But as you already wrote, the products you own are always in “My product downloads”. The other downloads are either for demo purposes or e.g. just for downloading them and transferring them to another (offline) computer.

Thanks. It’s good to hear there may be a solution to this before too long.

I bet they need to migrate all their products to the new license system before a unified app is even possible.