Download Assistant - Australia - got it working... but Cubase 10.5 is corrupt

So I worked out how to get it going, on my PC at least… (I’m in Australia). Win10 latest build.
Uninstall JAVA and DLA.
Install latest JAVA version… install Download Assistant.
Navigate to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steinberg\Download Assistant\app
Click on the Steinberg Download Assistant file - which should have a JAVA icon (Executable Jar File)… and it worked. Looks like the App link is screwed up or something. How Steinberg engineers missed this… or at least changed it for Australia seems ludicrous. Very frustrating.
But it worked for me.
Good luck.


linked to this and this thread.

Well… Although SDA works using my method above… I just finished downloading 10.5 yet again - and it’s corrupt - third time… so it’s absolutely the file itself. This has been a days long discussion and issue. Steinberg, you need to update your Australian servers with a working copy. This is retarded.