Download Assistant auto-updated. Cubase 12 immenent?

Just opened the download assistant and it went into auto-update and updated the activation software. A sign Cubase 12 will be out this week? Hope so.

or maybe in April…

Depends when you last updated it, of course! :slight_smile:

Same experience. Last try was yesterday.
This morning also update for Activation Manager. Could also mean: last minute bug removal, so release postponed?
There is always another cliff to hang from…

Quite recently. It also updated again tonight when I checked and there is a new Updates section in the DA:

Wonder what’s up with all the VST Sound pack updates? Licensing changes?

Very likely. HALion Sonic SE 3.5.0, which is compatible with Steinberg Licensing, shipped with Dorico 4. This needed updates to some HALion sound packs to prevent startup crashes with Dorico.

I expect a Groove Agent SE that is compatible with Steinberg Licensing will ship with Cubase 12 and these are the consequential updates to the Groove Agent sound packs.

It is nice to see an auto-update feature at last, though there is a bug - the downloads do not hang around in the target folder once installed, at least on Windows.

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