Download Assistant can’t launch the eLicenser

I get an error after activating the upgrade from 10.5 to 11 that the eLicenser cannot be launched. Even if I launch it myself it still gives an error. I cannot download the upgrade at all


What kind of error, what message do you see?

Are you on Mac or Windows? If you are on Windows, try to start it as administrator, please.

The message says
“The elicenser cannot be launched. Please download the latest version and try again”

I’m on windows and have launched as administrator


Make sure you have the latest eLCC version installed, please.

Also make sure your Windows 10 are up to date.

Hi, both are indeed up to date.

Can you describe step by step the procedure you followed to upgrade please?

I updated the download assistant, upgraded elicenser, launched the download assistant and entered in the activation code. After that I get the cannot launch elicenser message

I asked because the procedure i followed was:

  1. entered the activation code I’ve got with the purchase in the updated download assistant
  2. copied the new generated code but I didn’t click on activate
  3. launched the elicenser and entered the new code
    Did you click on “activate” below the generated new code?