Download Assistant Cant Download Cubase Artist 10


It seems that Steinberg Download Assistant cant get by our proxy server to download the install files for Cubase Artist 10. It returns a cannot connect to server error. :confused:

Would anyone have a direct link for downloading the zip file / installer please?

Thanks for any replies.


(This does not work anymore…)

How to get direct links by reinstalling:
I suggest to uninstall Steinberg Download Assistant, install it again and while installing, you UNCHECK the checkbox “install aria2”-blah, so every download will be opened in your browser.

Alternative without reinstalling: navigate to your Steinberg Download Assistant folder and rename the “3rd Party” folder so it can’t find aria2. (this could have some unwanted side effects)

Direct Link for the Full Installer of Cubase Artist 10.0.40 and Cubase Pro 10.0.40 Windows, x64 (it seems to be the same installer):