Download assistant confusion withC11 upgrade

A few days ago I purchased the Cubase 11 upgrade in anticipation of a new M1 MacBook pro. Still using an i7 MBP running 10.13, High Sierra and don’t really want to use the upgrade on this computer. This OS is technically not supported.

I didn’t understand if I needed to “activate on this computer” in order to be eligible for the Cubase 12 free upgrade. I don’t recall ever having to authorize a computer, just the dongle. Is this new?

I took a screenshot of the “License activation code” in Download Manager which popped up after I entered my “download authorization code” from the confirmation email. I did NOT click activate and did not get that code via email. UPDATE: I did eventually get an email with the “License Activation Code”. Still, confusing procedure.

Also, will I need to install Cubase 10.5 on the new computer in order to install Cubase 11?
The new download list looks dramatically different than Cubase 10.5.
No “Full” installer.

Any insight will be appreciated.


No, you can upgrade anytime and you will get the current latest Cubase version at the time.

The activation system is the same for many many years already. It’s going to change soon, but not yet.

If you want to activate the license, start eLCC application, click to Enter Activation Code and enter the one you got via email. Click Download license. Done.

You can install Cubase 11 straight. No Cubase 10.5 needed.

Right. You can download just Cubase installer. Or just one library, you need. If you want to download everything, you can do it one by one.