Download Assistant Connection Error

As I am not sure where to post it I’ll ask it here.

I have an error when starting Download Assistant. It says “A connection to the download server could not be established.” I have it on both my main PC and my laptop and it’s been like that for few days now. Nothing has changed on either my PC or Laptop so I have no idea why the error.
Last thing I used it for was to download Cubase 13 and after that it’s just dead.

Tried to redownload the app but Steinberg support website just loops me back to main page.

Anyone has a similar/same problem?

Sounds like a network thing…

Did you try to reboot your network? Best way is to turn everything off including your computer. Then first start your modem/router. Wait for the network to come up full. If I do it it takes about 10 minutes. Then turn on your computer and try again.

Seems obvious but maybe you overlooked that.

It’s not a network problem. Not on my end at least.
The Activation Manager has no problems connecting to Steinberg server and like I said it’s been like that for few days now. My PC and router has been rebooted several times since this problem first popped up. I have tried to tun it as Administrator but that didn’t change anything.

Ah… oh… and yes. I remember there was the announcement that there is a new version of download assistant. If you would not update before a certain date you would need to download and update manually… Could be that.

I tried today but the support page keeps relooping back to main page…
Well… I’ll see if I can find what I need from download page.

You are right about the loop back.
However you can go to the download page (as you have suggested), say you want to download C13 and you get the opportunity to download the download assistant.

@Stephan_Romhart posted earlier that the link to the download page needs to be edited manually to add a www. in front.

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Thank you.

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