Download assistant delete files after setup

Please Steinberg, correct your download assistant !!!

Why when I download something, is it deleted after being installed ?? I have to download everything twice to install the same component on two PCs, it’s incomprehensible!

This is particularly annoying for sound libraries that are very large.
I had to download “verve” twice (8gb) to install it on two devices

Just to clarify, content downloaded through the Steinberg Download Assistant is not deleted automatically.

Your installers should still be in your download folder. Things get a little more complicated with sound libraries such as Verve, since these are handled by the Steinberg Library Manager.

If you can’t find the libraries in your download directory, open the Library Manager to see where the libraries have been installed to. You can then move these .vstsound files to another PC, and install them by double clicking the .vstsound files from the Windows explorer.

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Thank you!!!