Download Assistant eLicenser

Hello, Is there a way of not installing the elicenser app through the Download Assistant?
I do not have any licences on the dongle anymore and for whatever reason when I run Cubase Pro 12 and 13 now, it still gives me an eLicenser error whilst scanning VSTs 2 and 3 and slows down the opening of Cubase tremendously up to 10mins. In this case it does it with the VST Connect plugin. I uninstalled it but the download assistant keeps on installing it everytime update itself.
I attached some pics for your consideration. Any input would be appreciate it.


Your system tries to load VST Connect, which is a separate product. If that is release 5.5 or earlier it will look for the eLicenser.

If you have a license for VST Connect you need to upgrade to 5.6, according to the list in the link below. If you do not have a license, just deinstall it from your system.

The eLicenser can not be removed, it is still a part of the required tools and will be there for quite some time, because of products not yet converted to the new licensing.

Thanks Juergen for you reply.
I never purchased VST Connect. I looked in my app list and it’s not there either.
It might be part of the Cubase Installation.
Regarding the eLicenser app it could be optional instead of installing it automatically. Again thanks.

I don’t think so. It is a separate package in the Download Assistant (under VST Cloud) and I checked my installation here, it is not there in the Cubase install.

You could try to search for the “VST Connect.vst3” plugin and move it away, if there is no deinstall package.

I did delete them both as you suggesting, VST2 & 3 manually and now works fine.
Do you think it might have someting to do with the VST Transit?