Download Assistant Error - attempting to download Dorico 5.1 Update

On MacOS… when launching Download Assistant in order to download the Dorico 5.1 update… I’m seeing this:

I’ve tried several times throughout the morning… same thing each time.

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bingo, @pianoleo … thank you.

When trying to download Steinberg Download Assistant I get this message: The file “” doesn’t appear to be a valid download file. How do I download SDA, please?

@pharrex I used the link ‘please reinstall sda’ from message above… then clicked the link under the solution section there… worked fine. perhaps try again in a few minutes?

Still not working!

If the filename still ends in ‘.download’, the download is not conplete yet. Maybe you internet connection dropped while downloading?

I have had no luck either - downloaded the download ass istant but still no luck - I expect it is a case of too many attempting to download at the same time

Make sure you are downloading the latest version from this web page:

Any version of SDA earlier than version 1.35.0 will give an error that it is unable to connect to the servers when you start it, and the only way to resolve it is to manually install this latest version.

You can manually download the Dorico 5.1 installer from here:

But you will need SDA to download Iconica Sketch.

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I had the same problem, searched, and found this. Thanks!

Thanks - applied patience and successfully got part of the way. And BT are on their way to deal with improving my download speed!

after the update to 5.1 Dorico Element I have the following report

Dorico (896.8 KB)
Before was working well
I don’t understand why after update always I have issues .

@Gennaro, what specific problem are you experiencing. Can you provide a few more details about what you’re running into?

Hello Bury
is not really a specific problem, just stack
What is strange while want connect VST piano and this after the update
I opened a ticket also because I am not able to come back on my prior configuration.
I removed and re-install again Dorico Element 5 but same issue
After I did the update 5.1 Dorico bloc asking me a license
By the way I attached the diagnostic file witch include the issue
Before the update everything was working fine

It seems like you’re having problems getting the audio engine started. @Ulf, would you please take a look at Gennaro’s diagnostics and see if you can spot what might be going on?

Hi @Gennaro , there are no crash files contained in the diagnostics, but the log files suggest that it has something to do with the plug-in scanning (particularly VST2) and that the audio engine comes to a standstill.
Here some questions:
1.) Did you recently add a new (VST2) plug-in to your collection?
2.) When the audio engine is stuck, please have a look at the TaskManager and see if you can find in the list of background processes one or more vstscanner processes.
3.) If so, then take out in the Dorico preferences dialog the search paths for VST2 plug-ins and by that hiding away the VST2 plugs from Dorico. Does that change the start up behaivour?

Hi Ulf
you are right
Recently I installed some VST which maybe are incompatible
I will follow your suggestion
Thank you so much

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