Download assistant error

I’m having issues trying to download Cubase 10 using download assistant. I’ve tried downloading on 2 different computers, one is windows 7 and the other windows 10, and still unable to do so. I’ve installed the assistant with and without aria2. If I attempt the download on my windows 10 computer without aria2 my browser opens up to a steinberg page but no download starts and the page is blank and gives up after a few minutes. Using assistant with aria2 installed , I get an error message saying there’s a fault and cant download, “please try later”. this happens on both my machines. Its getting very frustrating. There are a few small files on the download section update info and such, these do download but not the large 21GB file.
is there somewhere, anywhere a link to directly download Cubase 10 pro, please please help if you can.
Thank you :cry:

Suggest that you try downloading using a different browser.

Regards :sunglasses:

I’ve used Chrome, edge and Internet explorer.All have same result. I’ve also turned off anti virus and firewall.

SOLVED, my AV as well as having firewall also has a “safe” browsing setting that when switched off allowed me to download.
… right , now back to making music…