Download assistant for Dorcio - no internet connection

Download assistant says I don’t have a valid internet connection, but I do. I can get to any site on the internet.

Blocked by your firewall?

Ok, I finally saw the announcement, but instead of relying on me accidentally finding that link (the announcement), I would recommend pushing out the update or making it part of the update feature for Dorico 5. Or, how about sending out an email to let users know they need to update the download assistant?

No, it had nothing to do with my firewall. See my follow up message.

If you mean the announcement weeks ago that the current SDA would expire so that folks needed to update; Steinberg sent an email warning about that weeks ago.

I don’t recall getting that email, but okay.

If you have opted out of communications in your Steinberg ID account, we can’t email you. So it’s worth checking that you are opted in if you would like to receive important notifications about this (and marketing information about relevant new Steinberg product releases or sales offers).

Well, I’ve had a lot going on over the holidays, so it’s possible I missed the email. My brother had open heart surgery so my mind hasn’t exactly been focused on Dorico.

Sorry to hear about your brother’s surgery. I hope he is making a good recovery.

Thank you.