Download Assistant installing to the wrong directory

Hi guys,

Sorry if this topic has been brought up before but I can’t seem to find anything on it.

I recently purchased Cubase 11 and have been attempting to install everything through the download assistant. However, even though I specified the directory as my D: drive, it continues to install everything to the main C: drive (where there is no space). I also tried launching the library manager and specifying the correct directory there first but the same problem occurs. The only thing that gets placed in the D: drive is the install.exe file.

Would anyone have some suggestions on how to fix this?


If you just specified the location in the download assistant, that is just for the location of the downloaded installation files. You will need to specify your D: drive in the installer.
If you’d be happier with a manual process without the DL manager, here is the Cubase download page
Cubase Pro 11 Downloads