Download Assistant is hopelessly confused

Hello. I tried Dorico SE and it became clear it didn’t have what I need. So I want to try the Elements trial. But now the Download assistant won’t install Elements I guess because SE was installed, although it seems to think it has downloaded everything. And I can’t seem to find where to delete everything to start over. This is not well designed. How can I find everything it stashed and start over? (I did delete the Steinberg folder under downloads and that did not help). I’m on MacOS Sonoma.

Help would be appreciated!

The software for SE and Elements is identical, it is just a different license. If you have the license for Elements you should be able to activate it in the Activation Manager.

That’s helpful, but I was still confused after reading this, so in case anyone else lands here, the additional piece of information is that the Activation Manager is a completely separate application that you have to find and download separately. I have no idea why it isn’t part of the download manager whose purpose seems to be to manage your installations. Or maybe the download manager and the activation manager should be part of the same installer, even if they are separate apps?

Anyway problem solved, thank you.

Steinberg Activation Manager is installed and updated by Steinberg Download Assistant (along with a couple of other essential utilities, like Steinberg License Manager and, for now at least, eLicenser Control Center), so provide you use SDA to install your Steinberg products, you can be sure that SAM will be installed on your computer as well.

It didn’t seem to work that way for me on MacOS, for whatever reason. I downloaded the download manager and installed Dorico, but didn’t see any of the other tools mentioned. After reading about the Activation Manager in response to my question, I had to go find it and download it separately. Maybe I’m doing something wrong but I sure can’t figure out what it is.