Download assistant issue


When I try to download Cubase 10 using the SDA I get the following error :

An error occured downloading ‘Cubase Pro 10 - 10.0.5 Full’.

Please try again later.

I know its not the internet connection and there is plenty of space on the drive. Any ideas??

Intel i5
Windows 10 64bit


5 days later still can’t download and install Cubase 10…no reply from support ticket. What is wierd is that the sda seems happy to download other content but not C10

Someone must have had this issue? Anyone?

Yea same issue my download gets to 3.91GB and then dies every time

SDA stopped working on my machine altogether. Says ‘there’s no Internet connection’. That’s funny.

Anybody see a fix or direct link for this? Having the same ‘full’ error after numerous attempts over a period of time.

Didn’t change anything, but it works for both windows and mac now. Patience.

same issue. Reinstalled download assistant. No changes. Stalls at 37mb. then error message.

Same trying to use Download assistant it repeats ERROR

So its over a week ago I submitted a support ticket.

No response.

No Cubase 10 installed.

Just an error message.

Steinberg you were quick enough to take my cash so Please get me some support!

Does Steinberg monitor these forums as I have also wasted two days so far trying to download through Download Assistant which doesn’t even start up!
Come on Steinberg! Everyone has paid for Cubase but cannot download!!

Were there any problems with the payment of money? Maybe only it works well?

No problem with payment.

2 weeks now.

No reply to support ticket.
No reply on forum.
No Cubase installed.

Just a very irate customer who has had his money taken.

Anyone know how to get a refund?


The same here with macOS Mojave. I have uninstalled the SDA and reinstalled.
No problem on Windows 10 where I could install Cubase Pro 10 without any issue.

I had the exact same issue on windows. It is was a windows permission issue for me.

Open Steinberg Download Assistant as “an administrator”

To do this right click on the shortcut and pick “run as adminstrator”

Not sure what that OSX equivalent is, but i would bet it’s also a permissions issue of some kind.